15 November 2005

Tapes 'n Tapes - The Loon (and some news too)

I first heard Tapes 'n Tapes when they set up a show here in NYC with my friend's band about a year ago. I got their debut EP (buy it here) and listened to it over and over again, shocked at how darn good it was. In fact, a month ago I linked to three AWESOME songs for you to listen to off of it - remember? Well, long story short, I finally got their NEW album The Loon and just as I expected, it's great.
First impression? The album doesn't really get going until track three (UPDATE: that's CRAP, this album kicks ASS from track number ONE), but once it does it never ceases being an excellent listen. You might taste something resembling a bit of The Walkmen mixed with the overall westerny flavor found on The Wedding Present's Take Fountain, but when you boil it down you'll find 100% Tapes 'n Tapes. Let me tell you, 100% Tapes 'n Tapes might be even MORE goodness than your ears can handle. These guys make rock music that is interesting and comes out sounding FRESH in a world full of bland.

Before I said:
"Here's a band more people should (will soon) know about"

It appears that's already happening. Music For Robots posted about Tapes 'n Tapes and then soon after gorilla vs. bear followed suit. Even more bloggers/sites will do the same shortly (UPDATE: You Ain't No Picasso just posted about them), that's for sure. What, you don't believe me? Want to bet? Look at this piece of news (from here):

shows 'n tours. the brothers have added a few more local shows for the month of december (including, an ever-elusive 18+ show...college kids take note). so all you twin cities folks can come out and get a dose of tapes after a month hiatus. then in january it's time to hit the road again. tnt will be headin out east for the first couple of weeks in 2006. details of this east coast jaunt were not available at press time, but we'll give 'em to you as soon as we get 'em. this one thing is certain...fair residents of nyc, tapes 'n tapes are headed your way.

Something tells me that THIS time, when Tapes 'n Tapes comes to town, the world WILL listen.

Songs to sample from their new LP:

Now, don't you want to go and buy their new album, The Loon?

How about a visit to their MySpace site?