28 December 2005


Gorilla vs. Bear posted about Mancino - shit yes, let's hope this helps more people find out about this fantastic band!

Between Thought and Expression posted his top 20 songs of this year, and when I say posted I mean it. Go listen to them.

Bows + Arrows told his readers to check out EAR FARM while he's away so I figured I'd tell you guys to check out that site once he's back, it's great.

Brooklyn Vegan posted a bit about how expensive tickets are for that CYHSY New Year's show...not so expensive though for the two folks who got freebies from the contests on EAR FARM eh? Eh?

Yeti Don't Dance posted more Editors b-side mp3s

More Cowbell points us to three Nick Drake covers by Beck

When Apes Rule the Earth! makes funny like Johnny Carson