15 January 2006

Strip Squad

EAR FARM usually takes Sundays off, usually. But I couldn't resist posting about these guys.

From the info page on their site:
"Strip Squad consists of five young people from Sweden. The band was founded in the end of 2003 when we found out that we had a common interest – we all love adventures in the djungle. We belive that popular culture needs a seriousness towards frivolousness and vice versa. This is something that we try to incorperate into our music, even though we usually fail miserably."

They don't fail at making carefree and catchy electro pop that's part Belle and Sebastian and part Looper (sorry I think I have B&S on the brain because they have a new single coming out tomorrow). With fun lyrics, smart melodies, and some really cute female band members this band is sure to find some more fans pretty quickly. I like, you like, so let's listen to them.

"Unreliable Narrator"
"Down and Out and Away"
"If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might as Well Fuck Off!"

Now you should go and buy their debut album. Need another reason to do so? Look at this:
"For every sold album we will give 0,5€ to the Inti Wara Yassi Wildlife Refugee, a volounteer based organisation in Bolivia which helps illegaly captured animals back to a life in the free."

I'd like to thank Strip Squad for making music that has made me smile and tap my foot. I'd also like to thank Addie for introducing me to them via her hott site Relapse. That's right, hott. One "t" hotter than regular old hot, so go check out her site.