08 March 2006

Black Nasty

Shit man, sometimes I forget my roots. My musical roots. I forget that I was raised on standard 'rebelling suburban white kid' music. Music like G n' R, N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, and The Geto Boys. Songs that were often about dirty nasty shit by artists who weren't afraid to say whatever the hell they wanted. Music that led me to later adore songs like "Freaks of the Industry" by Digital Underground or "You're Pretty When I'm Drunk" by The Bloodhound Gang or everything by Ween. All the stuff that had me ready to love Eminem from the first time I ever heard "Any Man". Well, Black Nasty is another in this long line of lyrical tradition. BE CAREFUL where you are and who you are with when you check this music out for the first time. Chances are, it'll either offend the heck out of you or really make you laugh. Me? I enjoy it bunches.

How'd I hear about such things? Well first I saw a post on Gorilla vs. Bear profiling Pink Nasty in which Chris said "and for the really adventurous, check out her brother Black Nasty at your own risk". I can't resist something like that. I tend to not be able to be offended by language and I find the pushing of acceptable extremes AWESOME. Then, I found a post on My Old Kentucky Blog talking a bit more about Black Nasty's music. Sorry if you read those sites and this is just more of the same but some things must be shared. Spread the word!

"It Wuz Worth It"
"Real Animal Lover"


AllMusic reviews Black Nasty's album AIDS Can't Stop Me

Head over to Black Nasty's site to hear "Bitch Named Frank" or over to My Old Kentucky Blog to hear "Rudy Huxtable" or over to Black Nasty's MySpace page to hear "Gimme Your Butt".

Info on how to BUY Black Nasty's album AIDS Can't Stop Me is HERE.