31 May 2006

Daylight's For The Birds

More synth-infused indie-pop to get you feeling bright and summery? You got it. This here is Daylight's For The Birds. They're awesome. They remind me of that special wonderful spot where '80s and '90s 'alternative' music intersected and gave us bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Ride. But their sound is a step removed from that of the classic shoegaze sound. At times the music that Daylight's For The Birds makes will remind you very much of Mazzy Star or Cocteau Twins or any of the many other excellent early '90s female fronted bands, but that doesn't tell the story either. From what I can tell, they've just got that something though. The something that, when you hear unmixed demos on MySpace, makes you want to hear more. The best paraphrase of what their music sounds like might actually exist on the band's own MySpace page: "(sounds like)...the last thing you wanna hear before drifting off to sleep...and the first thing upon waking". To see them live? Yes. And to own a full album by them? Yes, yes.

They were posted about in April on Gorilla vs. Bear but I didn't really take note then. Perhaps that happened for others too given the lack of comments on that post. Then again, who knows which way the comments blow?

Two of their songs are below and there are two more on their MySpace page. The two songs here feature Amanda Garrett on vocals. They're really fantastic unmastered, rough mixes and Amanda's voice just soars. Do have a listen.

"To No One"

See them at Mercury Lounge on June 4th.