22 March 2007


"Coma" by Guns N' Roses which clocks in at 10:18

The following is part 2 of 4 (part 1 HERE) in a special series of Guns N' Roses related 8+ posts written by my friend Ryan Vanderboosh.


Rediscovering songs can feel like searching the pockets of a beloved jacket you’ve just thrown on for the first time since last winter. Sometimes you come up with the ticket stub to a recentish Brian DePalma embarassment, and think why? Other times it’s two of the four frames from a photobooth strip showing yourself & a hot chick with a nosebleed sucking face. And why not? By the time you get to Coma’s first expository interlude (you know, the one with the ER samples), it would appear this broad gave you a handjob in the back row of Nick Cage’s “Snake-Eyes.” Mazel Tov.

Gratuitous vulgarity? Check. Ten minutes and eighteen seconds without a chorus? Roger that. Quoting your own songs, pirate-imagery, mysogeny? Yup, indeed, you betcha. Huzzah, cried the townsfolk. Clearly there was a video planned for this tune, but scheduling conflicts for on-location filming at Buckingham Palace, Mir, & the Neverland Ranch/Duck-Butter Depository sunk the venture. It’s the most epically progtastic number, and truly fucking gnarly at that. Now that “lead guitar” is pretty much a dead scene, this song is a genuinely compelling artifact.

(to be continued...)

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