31 March 2006

Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road

Here's a reminder of a few things...EAR FARM welcomes all kinds of submissions of music, bands, films, info, gossip, ANYthing that relates to good music. BUT, EF is still just a one-man operation. Everything sent my way will get looked at/listened to, and some of it will find its way into a post on this site. Sometimes it just takes a while to get to things.

The following was sent to me two weeks ago in an email:

"My name is Amy and I directed a film on the former lead singer of Squeeze called "Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road". It's out on DVD now (to really good reviews in the UK. for some reason the US mainstream press don't want to know. But it got good write ups in Paste and there's a story on it in MAGNET this month apparently.) and it's going to appear on VH1Classic on March 22...

I'm an indie filmmaker and met Glenn through my local music video show that I ran from the age of 16-23 and I interviewed all the bands that would come through Ohio-Squeeze being one of them! (This Squeeze interview is included in the special features of my DVD.) My film follows Glenn on his first solo acoustic tour of America in an old beat up, rickety RV and it shows him staying in KOA Campgrounds rather than fancy hotels. It features many amazing acoustic versions of the Squeeze songs we know and love! The message of the film is about doing what you love and loving what you do-even when it seems the world isn't listening."
It's a shame I filed this email under the 'get to later' heading because the film is really great. You should've heard about it sooner rather than later. What I'd wanted was to have seen it before I posted about it - okay, well...check. Done and done.

That means I can now say that you too should check out Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road because it's an excellent glimpse into the world of touring, into the life of a lifelong musician. If you're a fan of Squeeze, you'll love it. If you're not a fan of Squeeze there's still so much to see. To watch a man living his dream, to see the way Glenn takes on life and the hardships of the road. It's truly a tale of "doing what you love and loving what you do-even when it seems the world isn't listening". Amen to that.

Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road official site
Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road on IMDB
BUY Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road

Watch Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road on VH1 Classic this Saturday (April 1st) and Sunday (April 2nd)

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Anonymous said...

i have had such a love affair with the song up the junction for about 12 years or so. this is great news.