20 February 2008

Drink Up Buttercup @ Pianos - 19 February 2008

Drink Up Buttercup began their residency at Pianos last night with a bang...and a thwack, and a kablammo, and tons of other onomatopoeic expressions as they literally smashed their way through a raucous early set with little more than trash cans, a few worn instruments, and a hell of a lot of energy.

Seeing these guys live was a big payoff for us, as we've been spinning their new demos regularly since their turn as Band of the Week and were left wondering just how they could pull it all off live. Well let me tell you something Mean Gene, the Bucks County crew proved their ability to morph the great promise shown on demos such as "Gods and Gentlemen" and "Sosey & Dosey" into something else altogether when played live, an infectious blend of harmony, deceptively enthralling rhythms, and workmanlike showmanship.

Arms-folded New Yorkers, you've been warned twice now: this band rules. Do yourself a service and make it out to their upcoming shows. We'll even make it easy for you....after the jump, check out pics, mp3s, live video from last night's show, and upcoming dates.

"Sosey & Dosey" (live from this show) on YouTube|download QT
"Seasickness Pills" (live from this show) on YouTube|download QT

"Gods and Gentlemen" (Demo)
"Seasickness Pills" (Demo)

See Drink Up Buttercup Live:
20 February - Philadelphia, PA @ Silk City
26 February - New York, NY @ Pianos (Residency)
1 March - New Hope, PA @ John & Peter's
4 March - New York, NY @ Pianos (Residency)
7 March - Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber
29 March - Washington, DC @ DC9
4 April - Philadelphia, PA @ Millcreek Tavern
5 April - Brooklyn, NY @ Luna Lounge
11 April - Doylsestown, PA @ Stephanie's
19 April - New York, NY @ The Annex

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Anonymous said...

love your site and hope yall come up to boulder

ARTIFACT said...

I was there!!!! Love Drink UP!! Thanks for the videos.