08 April 2006

Mancino @ Arlene's Grocery - 7 April 2006

Mancino played Arlene's Grocery last night to a packed house. You're wondering - given how uneven their last show at Arlene's was - were they any good? Pssh. You crazy. You obviously don't know Mancino. They were on top of their game last night and gave much goodness to the audience. The crowd gave it right back and demanded an encore, which turned out to be a foot stomp worthy run thru of "Snakes Charms Alarms". But that's not what really mattered last night. The über hotness was hearing new Mancino songs. The new songs, quite frankly, dominate. They sounded so nice in a live setting and really make me overly excited to hear more. And I loved seeing Jonathan (the drummer) multi-task. Could he maybe play MORE instruments all at one time? If so, make him do that. Please. And, more new songs please. Record them for us fans to listen to in our home environments please. Oh, oh...also, play more shows here in New York and stop acting like you're a DC-based band, please.

You're thinking - the band isn't going to do this just because EF is asking for it. You obviously don't know Mancino. Everything they do, they do for you. The proof is in the music.

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