24 October 2005

Mancino @ Arlene's Grocery - 22 October 2005

"Just your afferage Sadduhday!"

All inside jokes aside, this was a fairly "so-so" show for the brothers Mancino at Arlene's on Saturday. They had the misfortune to have a string break, with no backups in sight, and things got off to a late start and the sound guy Stalin'd out and started saying something about the band being too loud during their set. Seriously it was like Huey Lewis in Back to the Future. Even though the stars weren't aligned to make for one of their best performances (though I thought that the closer - "Caramel Cowboy" sounded really great) the guys put together some rock, and some roll, and a splendid time was had by all...or ALMOST all. Please do the world a favor and read about the interaction between Mancino's drummer Jonathan and a fan HERE.

Looking forward to their next show - don't you worry, I'll let you know when and where.