21 October 2005

a pinch of Pulp, two parts Radiohead + some other guys = MAGIC!

Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway will feature in the upcoming Harry Potter movie and also contributed on three tracks on the Harry Potter 'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack.

The two Radioheads play in a band along with Jarvis Cocker, Steve Claydon and Jason Buckle - with all these musicians also appearing on three tracks of the Harry Potter soundtrack

Want to hear? Read more and download the track 'This is the Night' HERE. SCRATCH THAT - FILE IS ALREADY GONE (@2:30pm) but found it on fluxblog right HERE. Go!

NME's got the story too

(yes I know Steve Claydon is from Add N to (X) and Jason Buckle played in Relaxed Muscle with Jarvis, among other bands he seems to have been in and this solo release from 1999, but those fools don't deserve mention in the headline...sheesh, come on)