19 October 2005

Blur EP/pub tour sometime this year

Blur's Damon Albarn told XFm that his band will be recording and releasing a follow up album to Think Tank sometime next year and that this year you can expect the following:

...he's said that an "aggressively laid back" EP could be released in 2005.

He told XFM: "I think we're gonna do an EP first, sometime by the end of this year. But you probably won't know about it. It'll just 'come out'. It'll be so, sort of, underplayed. It'll come out but you won't know it's us as it'll be so, well, not us. We've got the songs but we're gonna record them in a few hours and just be very laid back about it. But not musically laid back. It'll be aggressive. Aggressively laid back. It's the total opposite of Gorillaz."

He continued: "I can't really make another Blur record that's a big landscape sort of thing, due to my very basic guitar ability. I want to sing and play so it has to be three chords. I can only do three chords and not look at the guitar."

Blur are also planning to play "a couple of pubs" around Christmas, according to the singer.

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