18 October 2005

The Light Footwork

Try as I might to NOT jump in the boat with the rest of the blog world (Jed at Stereogum details some of the goings on in terms of praise everyone is dishing out) over this band, Light Footwork, I think I'd be derelict in my duty to NOT say SOMEthing about them.

Besides, they do sound pretty good.

As far as I can tell, here is where things started and you can also hear some songs of theirs at that link AND on Light Footwork's MySpace site.

Anyway, I've yet to actually spend quality time listening to this band so we'll see - CORRECTION (19 Oct)-> I have indeed now listened to their album and it's really really good. Well worth the attention it's gotten so far and then some. More about the new album and the band once we're closer to the release date but do yourself a favor and check out Light Footwork.