28 February 2006

EAR FARM's February '06 mixtape

At the end of every month, EAR FARM highlights all of the new music covered on the site that month by putting together songs from each featured artist in a nice list so you can download them. Try burning this mix to a CD and then write your name on it so you can impress your friends with the obscure bands you've been listening to lately. Clicking the song title will give you the song, the band name will take you to the band's site, and the (+) will take you to a previous EAR FARM post about that band.

1. "This Is Hope (The Birth Of Prometea)" by Mull Historical Society (+)
2. "Emergency" by The Wilderness (+)
3. "Roucoulement" by The Melody Function (+)
4. "Hospital Inside Me" by The Secret Life Of Sofia (+)
5. "God Monkey Robot" by The Apparitions (+)
6. "I Think I May Know" by The Nailbiters (+)
7. "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" by People in Planes (+)
8. "Icy Deep" by Peasant (+)
9. "In The Mirror" by Kim Novak (+)
10. "Corazon" by Bishop Allen (+)


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    Tapes 'n Tapes scores an 8.3 on Pitchfork

    Tapes 'n Tapes finally got some Pitchfork love and scored an 8.3 when the famed music site reviewed their album The Loon. This is great news for the band, so three cheers to them!

    Now Pitchfork needs to continue catching up with the rest of us and review The Light Footwork's debut album.

    BUY The Loon!
    Tapes 'n Tapes on MySpace

    Previous Tapes 'n Tapes posts on EF HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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    Buy Bishop Allen's new EP starting today

    Remember, Bishop Allen...

    "...decided to get back to what we do best, putting out music ourselves, and we're very happy with these first fruits. The songs will soon be up on iTunes, but what you really want to do is get one from us, because of the nifty self-mailing sleeve it comes in. Each copy will be hand addressed by Justin Rice and postmarked by an equally addled man in the Williamsburg Post Office, commemorating the day your order shipped and the postage rates in effect that particular day.

    This is the second in our monthly series of EPs. If you bought January, you have some idea of the sweetness we can pack into four songs. This trend continues. February is $5, shipping included. And you get the cover with a stamp on it (sometimes three!) if we mail it to you."
    I just ordered mine, now you should GO BUY your own copy. Want to hear a good reason to get Bishop Allen's February?


    Visit Bishop Allen on MySpace.

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    A Reminder posted Radiohead doing some Neil Young songs

    An Aquarium Drunkard started a record label and posts about the first release on the label, from Daniel Hutchens

    Bows + Arrows posted about Otis Redding

    Brooklyn Vegan informs that Flaming Lips are coming to Webster Hall ($$$!!)

    Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) posts about the Sat night show I went to

    Central Village posts a commentary on a previous Nick Zinner post

    RBally already told you about some of these posts, so howcome you don't read that site?

    Stereogum posted about The Gang Of Four / Karate Kid Connection

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    Today's NEW releases

    A slow week...or a weak week rather:

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    27 February 2006


    Radiohead and Morrissey announced as the headliners for the V Festival

    My Morning Jacket Lead Jammys

    Sex Pistols to Rock Hall: 'We're Not Coming'

    Tweedy, Jayhawks Members Prep New Golden Smog LP

    British Sea Power playing London's first all-night indoor festival this Easter

    Recording Of Argument At Busta Rhymes Video Set Surfaces

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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Bowery Ballroom, 25 Feb '06

    The past few nights Yeah Yeah Yeahs played a trio of shows (one at Maxwell's, two at Bowery Ballroom) and I got tickets to the Saturday night show at Bowery. Historically I've not been a huge fan of the band but still really liked Fever To Tell and everything I saw on TV of their live performances made me want to see the band in person myself. Long story short: I'm so glad I got those tickets, the show on Saturday night was superb. From what I could tell, the set was made up of mostly (almost all) new songs. Again, I'm not the best person to tell you what was played when (setlist anyone?) but the new songs sounded marvelous. I can't wait for the new record.

    Below you'll find a link to a (crap) video clip I took with my digital camera. It's a new song and I love it and I'm sorry the sound isn't better (and the camera shakes) but my camera sure as heck wasn't made to capture live music in the dark. Anyway, anyone know the name of this song? Also below you can find some places where you can read what others thought about the show and maybe check out some still pictures that are actually worth looking at.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs LIVE video of new song

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs on MySpace
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour dates

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    25 February 2006

    Weekend Live Music

    Nine Inch Nails Live @ The Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, OH - 21 February 2006
    (photo, from a different show, from the NIN MySpace page)

    1. "Love Is Not Enough"
    2. "You Know What You Are?"
    3. "Terrible Lie"
    4. "The Line Begins To Blur"
    5. "March Of The Pigs"
    6. "Something I Can Never Have"
    7. "The Frail"
    8. "The Wretched"
    9. "Closer"
    10. "Burn"
    11. "Gave Up"
    12. "Eraser"
    13. "Right Where It Belongs"
    14. "Beside You In Time"
    15. "With Teeth"
    16. "Wish"
    17. "Only"
    18. "Every Day Is Exactly The Same"
    19. "Getting Smaller"
    20. "Dead Souls"
    21. "The Hand That Feeds"
    22. "Head Like A Hole"

    Past EAR FARM Weekend Live Music has included live songs/sets by Sublime, Spoon, Ween, The Unicorns, My Bloody Valentine, New Order, Sufjan Stevens, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sonic Youth, Explosions in the Sky, The Smiths, Morphine, Talking Heads, The Stone Roses, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Pulp, The Decemberists, and Blur.

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    24 February 2006

    NYC screening of documentary on fans of Morrissey/The Smiths

    This Sunday, Feb 26th at 6 and 8pm, Anthology Film Archives will be screening Is It Really So Strange?.

    Filmmaker William E. Jones interviews contemporary fans of The Smiths and Morrissey. It is a fascinating aspect of youth culture in Southern California that most of the audience listening to English pop music of the 1980s is Latino, sons and daughters or grandchildren of immigrants from Mexico. This phenomenon has received attention from the mainstream media, but IS IT REALLY SO STRANGE? is the first documentary that allows the fans themselves to speak at length about their lives, their loves, and their brief encounters with their idol, Morrissey. They show their bedroom shrines, talk about the nostalgic fashion of the scene, and reveal the private passions that compelled them to worship the Irish working class boy from Manchester who became a great pop star and moved to Los Angeles.
    In related news, Golinko Kordansky Gallery is having "an exhibition of 36 new black and white photographs from an ongoing series by William Jones. The opening reception will be on Friday, February 27th from 6 to 9PM. The artist will talk at the gallery on Saturday, April 3rd at 3PM."

    Found (of course) HERE on Morrissey-solo.

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    Bishop Allen

    I must say I didn't see this coming. I didn't think I'd be posting about Bishop Allen on EAR FARM but I did consider that it MIGHT happen IF I loved their January EP once it arrived in the mail. Well, here we are...I got the CD two days ago and I'll tell you what: it's superb.

    Here's what Bishop Allen is up to:

    This year, we've decided to get back to what we do best, putting out music ourselves, and we're very happy with these first fruits. The songs will soon be up on iTunes, but what you really want to do is get one from us, because of the nifty self-mailing sleeve it comes in. Each copy will be hand addressed by Justin Rice and postmarked by an equally addled man in the Williamsburg Post Office, commemorating the day your order shipped and the postage rates in effect that particular day.

    'January' is truly a piece of American history, and we had to fight the Franklin Mint just to put it out ourselves. Of course, like all other essential pieces of Americana, 'January' is limited edition, and as of today, February 10th, we've already sold half of them.
    I'm telling you, it's WELL worth the $5 and I already can't wait for the February release. "Corazon" is one of my favorite songs so far this year and the other three songs on the EP are just as fantastic. Matt from YANP has preached about this band on his site a bunch so allow me to lead you to THIS POST of his on Clever Titles where he talks briefly about the band and about the song "Corazon". The other song posted here is a great track from their first album Charm School.

    "Things Are What You Make Of Them"

    BUY the January EP before it's too late! February will be released on the 28th.

    Visit Bishop Allen on MySpace.

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    Hosting issues - a common theme

    Once again, my host (EZArchive) is down. This means any files I've linked to that I uploaded are not available and I can't upload any new ones until they've resolved their issues. You'll notice this is impacting quite a few sites out there as a lot of us use EZ. Well, for me, that may not be the case much longer. It's pretty annoying so I'm going to start seeking out other alternatives and consider canceling my EZ account. Any suggestions?

    UPDATE - it's working now, and so are the links on this site but I still am open to suggestions

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    23 February 2006


    "From Sinking" by Isis which clocks in at 8:24

    I first considered posting "Scarecrow" from Psalm 69 here in this week's 8+ but then realized I'd be giving away half of that album if I did (that is, after the post yesterday and all) and my goal isn't really to give you guys albums here. No, I kinda hope I turn you on to some good music that makes you want to go and spend money on the artists who make this music. Plus, three Ministry songs is enough for one week on EAR FARM. But don't go thinking you got out of having to hear some more RRRRROCK!

    I bought into Isis based on the Pitchfork review of their album Oceanic. This was back when I still hailed Pitchfork as music-Jesus. Turns out that review turned me on to one of my favorite albums of 2002, an album that restored my faith in heavy metal and the fact that good, new, metal was still being released. This track, "From Sinking", is a great indicator of what the rest of the album is like. It's dreamy and grinding metal with a low growl for vocals. Grinding not like a train but more like a big ship sailing in rough waters. This would seem an obvious image given the title and themes present throughout the album but the band actually delivers on all of this sea imagery. Somehow Isis gives the listener a blissful journey right into a perfect storm (of ROCK!) on Oceanic and "From Sinking" is one of the highlights for sure.

    BUY Oceanic HERE, if you liked "From Sinking" you won't be disappointed.

    Visit Isis on MySpace

    EAR FARM's 8+ is a weekly feature that showcases songs longer than 8 minutes. In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
    British Sea Power - "Lately"
    Islands - "Swans"
    Isolée - "Pillowtalk"
    Animal Collective - "Banshee Beat"
    Wilderness - "Post Plethoric Rhetoric"
    The Wedding Present - "Interstate 5"
    Sleater-Kinney - "Let's Call It Love"
    My Morning Jacket - "Dondante"
    Wilco - "Spiders (Kidsmoke)"

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    Kim Novak

    THEE Kim Novak was in one of my absolute most favorite films of all time. So when I got a message on MySpace from a band by the name of Kim Novak I was intrigued. Little did I know how much I'd be listening to their music over the next five days. The three songs you can download (two of which are posted below) on their MySpace page have been in constant rotation here at EAR FARM headquarters. These songs make me think of songs by some really outstanding bands that I love, bands like The Cure, Interpol, and The Velvet Underground.

    Kim Novak has this say about themselves:

    From France, the four members of Kim novak, haunted by diversified influences such as indie pop, soul music and classic rock, manage to combine a melodic, groovy and electric setlist.
    Now, I can't say for certain (given that I've never seen them live) but I'm almost positive they're totally selling their band short here. I mean, they could give themselves a little bit more credit in this bio for being a fantastically gifted group - from what I can tell the four people in this band are making just the kind of music needed to battle the likes of all of those damn NME bands we all hear so much about every day.

    The song "Female Friends" starts out with a little nod to "Take on Me" in the drum beat and harkens back to that frequently mined post-punk/new wave era; but does so in the vain of The Cure circa Three Imaginary Boys, which also happens to be one of my favorite records ever. "In The Mirror" is the song that reminds me a bit of The Velvet Underground and I'm sure it's semi-intentional (at the very least) given the shared lyric "I'll be your mirror". At any rate, it's a first-class song in terms of mood and lyrics...both of these tracks are. Come to think of it, maybe they nailed a lot of what they're about with that short bio. They sure do make some fantastic "melodic, groovy" music and I can tell that Kim Novak has been "haunted by diversified influences". Thank goodness for those hauntings.

    "Female Friends"
    "In The Mirror"

    Go check Kim Novak's MySpace site for live dates if you're in France...oh, wait, I mean...Si vous habitez en France cliquez ici pour voir des dates de concert.

    (Er, something like that. Sorry, I've forgotten so much about how to speak French it's embarrassing.)

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    I Want my MTV

    Man in Gray has a great new video edition:

    Want even MORE videos? search "I want my MTV" on this site for past music video related EAR FARM postings.

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    22 February 2006

    Overlooked Albums from the 90's - #20

    Psalm 69 by Ministry

    After a few less well-known albums recently, I think it's time to get back to an album some people are familiar with. An album that will incite some discussion. Something to get people going "huh, you like what?" or "what do you mean overlooked?" or "hell shit YES, Ministry RULES". My guess is that a few people I know, or who are reading this, have once owned this album only to forget about it, or sell it, or something else along those lines. Or maybe you always steered way clear of Ministry and the kinds of freaks who listen to them. Well, whatever your feelings are, or have been, about Psalm 69 (once fully known as Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & the Way to Suck Eggs) there's one thing that is certain: the album flat out ROCKS.

    Now, this isn't your average Led Zeppelin, or Metallica, rocks-out-the-jams kind of music though. No, when I say that this album rocks I mean it in the nastiest, most sincere kind of way. It's like biting into a lit lightblub, getting pretty badly electrocuted, and then chewing on the glass for a while before spitting out the whole bloody mess in George Bush's face. It's the kind of album that could inspire Eeyore to start hitting the meth with Tigger and form a rock band just so they could trash the shit out of Pooh's house. Yeah, something along those lines. It used to make for some great pre-game music back when I was playing defensive end on my high school football team and I think THIS is the album I would be listening to REALLY loudly on my iPod to get psyched up if I was an iPod listening Olympic snowboarder. Needless to say, it's a long way away from the first song I ever heard by Ministry, the synth-poppy "Everyday is Halloween".

    Psalm 69 is a perfect blend of rock, metal and industrial. I'm sure the album would appear on any list that took a good look at the best industrial albums ever released but I can't say that I've really ever heard anyone honestly consider this as a great album outside of those circles. To me, it is right up there with The Downward Spiral as the two albums that are the pinnacle of industrial rock and that (sadly) had so much to do with influencing (popular) crappy nu-metal.

    AllMusic says:

    Easily one of the most anticipated albums from that year, especially after Nine Inch Nails had helped bring industrial metal to the mainstream with the success of the overtly Ministry-worshipping Pretty Hate Machine, Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & the Way to Suck Eggs represented the high point of Alain Jourgensen and Paul Barker's incarnation as loud-as-hell electro-thrashers. The pump had been primed the previous year with the fierce "Jesus Built My Hot Rod," featuring Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers on vocals ranting over a galloping molten explosion of beats and feedback. Presented in a slightly edited version here, it's still the high point of the album, while a reworked version of its B-side, "TV Song" (here called "TV II" and with Jourgensen on vocals instead of Chris Connelly), also makes for some good noise. Throughout, however, Ministry as a unit shows their facility for straightforward, brutal noise crossed with clinical, on-the-money arrangements, whether it's the collage of crowd-riot samples bubbling throughout "N.W.O." or the chantings of Christian praise on the title track. As a role model for any number of nu-metallers down the road, Psalm 69 is often terribly underrated, but where Ministry succeeds while so many failed easily has to do with sheer vitriol only slightly tempered by the overwhelming hugeness of the songs. Consider the massive impact of the drums on "Just One Fix" as they lead into tightly wound, downward-spiral riffing or the hyper-speed clatter of "Hero" and "Corrosion." Jourgensen's rasped lyrical visions of a corrupt America, drug addiction, mindless patriotism, and religious hypocrisy aren't per se revelatory, but anyone who lived through the Bush years -- either father or son -- might find plenty to sympathize with. Secret highlight: "Scarecrow," which takes the massive slow pound of Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" and takes it to a strung-out, harrowing new location.
    As you probably realize, this is not your typical EAR FARM pick. People who know me might not have guessed that I used to listen to this album. Used to listen to it a lot. In fact, listening to it again these past few days I'm pleasantly surprised to hear all of these songs again, but proceed with caution. This music very well could make your ears bleed and isn't for all tastes, namely some of those who I know are reading this site. If you're still with me though, go listen NOW.

    • "Just One Fix"
    • "Hero"
    • "Jesus Built My Hotrod"

    Previous Overlooked Albums from the 90's:
    #1 - Saturnalia by The Wedding Present
    #2 - The Inevitable by Squirrel Nut Zippers
    #3 - This is Our Music by Galaxie 500
    #4 - Dusk by The The
    #5 - Fantasma by Cornelius
    #6 - New Wave by The Auteurs
    #7 - I, Jonathan by Jonathan Richman
    #8 - Futureworld by Trans Am
    #9 - Harmacy by Sebadoh
    #10 - Cure For Pain by Morphine
    #11 - God Fodder by Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    #12 - Seven by James
    #13 - Why Do Birds Sing? by Violent Femmes
    #14 - Blank-Wave Arcade by The Faint
    #15 - Dog Man Star by Suede
    #16 - Beatsongs by The Blue Aeroplanes
    #17 - Don't Try This At Home by Billy Bragg
    #18 - 1992: The Love Album by Carter USM
    #19 - Time Was Gigantic...When We Were Kids by The Durutti Column

    if you'd like...
    Pitchfork's top albums of the 90's
    1st version of their list

    Another site does their own "Overlooked of the 90's":
    Top 30 'Other' Albums of the '90s

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    Brakes playing Sin-é in March

    One of my favorite current bands, and the band who scored the #2 spot on EAR FARM's list of Top Albums of 2005 is coming back to NYC!!!

    Check it: Brakes @ Sin-é on the 21st of March. Woo!

    Here's some live Brakes to listen to.

    UPDATE - according to the Brakes newsletter they are also playing an in-store at the Union Square Virgin Megastore on March 21st!

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    Don't You (Forget About Me)

    Just because my posts about these bands are in the past (for now...fear not, EAR FARM will be posting more about these artists in the near future) doesn't mean you shouldn't be paying attention to them! And given the fact that these bands still deserve a lot more attention than they're getting, this post is rather prudent. Plus, you better believe each of these bands has been stamped with the EF seal of approval as a band worth checking out. The list covers all of the bands featured on EAR FARM through the end of January 2006. Click the (+) to visit a previous EF posting about any of these bands and click the band name to go to their site.

    New York based bands:
    Apse (+)
    The Art of Shooting (+)
    Bastion (+)
    Die Romantik (+)
    The Diggs (+)
    Fanuelle (+)
    Goes Cube (+)
    The Isles (+)
    Limbs (+)
    Man in Gray (+)
    Mancino (+)
    Mobius Band (+)
    Nous Non Plus (+)
    Other Passengers (+)
    Split Over Drapes (+)
    Susu (+)

    Bands from elsewhere:
    Ash Tree (+)
    Birdmonster (+)
    Cloud Cult (+)
    Happycasio! (+)
    Richard Hawley (+)
    John & Jehn (+)
    Kelley Stoltz (+)
    Machine Go Boom (+)
    Man Man (+)
    Pleasant (+)
    Pretty Girls Make Graves (+)
    The Sames (+)
    Schooner (+)
    Strip Squad (+)
    Tapes 'n Tapes (+)
    We Versus the Shark (+)

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    The good guys vs. the evil empire

    Well, tonight (9pm) the defending national champion, #21 ranked, North Carolina Tarheels are going to Raleigh to play #15 NC State. There is a lot riding on this game, not the least of which is the Wolfpack seeking revenge for the loss earlier this year in Chapel Hill.

    Isn't this a MUSIC blog??
    Yes, we'll get to that. But see, I went to NC State and the games each year against UNC mean a lot to me and the rest of Wolfpack nation. See, for those of you with no sense of history (speaking mostly to Carolina fans here) there IS in fact a long standing rivalry between NCSU and UNC. The fact that NC State was awful for the entirety of the 90's caused the rivalry to fade in the minds of UNC fans as the whole nation started watching Duke vs. UNC. A ton of money has been made off of building that rivalry up, and I understand that current students of UNC see Duke as their rival but I'll tell you what; when I moved to North Carolina in 1987, on the very first day of school, I was asked "State or Carolina?"... I've never looked back since answering that day. Thank god I picked the good guys to root for.

    Below you'll find MP3's of some NC State songs. Download them and play them all day as you get PUMPED UP for the game tonight.

    NCSU Fight Song - lyrics and info
    The Red And White Song - lyrics and info
    NCSU Alma Mater - lyrics and info

    These MP3s were found HERE where you can also find MP3s for a bunch of other schools...even Carowhina if you must.

    GO PACK.

    UPDATE: Damn. !@#$#@!@#$. Carolina flat out kicked our ass. Well done Tarheels. GO PACK.

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    Clever Titles Are So Last Summer is doing a theme week...

    And you should check it out. What it is:

    "The idea was born after talking with Garrison a few weeks back about how it would be cool if bloggers would make posts on their friends' blogs about bands that they absolutely loved. I thought that it was a wonderful idea and began to set up this particular theme. It's cool for me to share my favorites because it's what I do when it comes to the music content for the blog. I share my favorites with all of you!

    So that is what the twelve lovely guest bloggers are doing. They're sharing their favorites. Some will be unexpected, some will showcase how a particular band influenced their life and others will show a band that are just plain awesome. At least with me, the only MP3-based post you'll get is my band of the week (which will be posted on Tuesday, along with Garrison's contribution) and maybe a few news posts."
    So head over to Clever Titles Are So Last Summer and check out the theme week. In fact, today, I'm one of the guest writers. A preview:
    "I talk about bands I love all the time on my site. In fact, if you read EAR FARM at all you'll probably catch at least one mention each week of the fact that my favorite band ever is The Smiths. Stop me if you think you've heard THIS one before but just about every song they ever made is a song that saved my life. Well, there's just no way I could briefly talk about that band here so I've decided to go for something a bit different. Something I'd not normally consider talking about on my site - two of my favorite songs from the 80's (and the song that paved the way for songs like these to be made) that I love without really knowing much else by the artists who made them. This is odd for me, but the songs are just so perfect I'm not sure anything else they've done would really measure up."
    Read the rest of my post HERE. Go now.

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    I want my MTV

    Bad Company Films edition:

    Want even MORE videos? search "I want my MTV" on this site for past music video related EAR FARM postings.

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    21 February 2006


    Peasant writes beautiful, delicate, catchy, folk-pop. Think of songs by The Kinks or Paul Simon or certain songs by The Beatles...from the Peasant bio:

    "I created Peasant after hearing a John Lennon song called 'working class hero' and deciding I wasn't doing this for myself. I've been writing songs on the guitar since I was 14 but I only got serious about it last summer. I took a trip around the country in my car and played a bunch of shows and open mics, i saw the world from a million different angles and decided that I had to be a musician, and I had to work hard at it. I am now 20 years old and I live in Doylestown, PA. I spend all the time I can writing songs on my guitar and adding other instruments to them in my make-shift studio. Music is first and foremost a passion of mine that I've felt drawn to since I was 7 or 8 years old, singing to myself in the woods outside my family's home in Bucks County, PA. Naturally, I've been into traditional folk styles, from Guthrie to Dylan, and I definitely love the experimental style of the late Beatles."
    You can continue reading more on Peasant's MySpace site. I've selected the two songs by Peasant I like the most to share here on EAR FARM but overall I'm kinda totally partial to "Icy Deep". I can hear the Beatles ("Blackbird"-ish) influence in the guitar on this song but what I adore is just the overall sound and feel of the song. The delicate melancholy and (great) lyrics really resonate with me, in fact I think this song would be perfect for the next Wes Anderson movie. It's a perfectly short song that makes me want to hear it again as soon as it ends and the other song posted here, "Joanna" is just as good (if not better) and stands out with it's sweet vocals and hush-quiet hand claps. You'll be singing along in whispers in no time.

    Read what Said the Gramaphone had to say about "Joanna".

    "Icy Deep"

    See Peasant live TONIGHT, and next Tuesday at 9:45pm at Sin-é bar here in NYC...for FREE. Check out Peasant's MySpace site for other live dates.

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    Brooklyn Vegan rounds up the Whitney Museum's Biennial 2006

    A Reminder posted a few versions of the Radiohead song "Nude"

    You Ain't No Picasso has a new Stereolab track

    TWO MORE Guns N' Roses songs are leaked and posted over at Product Shop NYC

    The Perm & The Skullet has some M. Ward live

    Marathonpacks with a post that's The Pixies from Letterman in 1992

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    Today's NEW releases

    It's a big day for new releases...here are some that've caught me eye:

    What else?

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    17 February 2006

    People in Planes

    I get the feeling that People in Planes might be a guilty pleasure for me in the future. What I mean is that their sound (some bits Radiohead, some Supergrass, something their own too) is sure to soon be guided towards making tweens happy and filling arena seats. Just too much money to be made off of bands like this. Heck, they've already got an ultra snazzy website, Joaquin Phoenix directed their video for "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)", and they just toured with The Bravery. They're playing SxSW (headlining Billboard's showcase there) and just set to go on a US tour in support of their new record that comes out on March 28th. Well, whether they're going places or already there I can't help but like the potential that "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" hints at. And it's also important to let the bands with a big huge PR push behind them know that they can also get some burn here at EAR FARM. We're not just about the little guys/gals here. New motto? EAR FARM: as likely to bring you a band only three people know about as to bandwagon the next OC viewer favs. Whatever. Jam on it.

    (yes, I know I just missed them at Mercury Lounge in January)

    Listen (no more auto pop-ups on anything here, btw):
    "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)"
    "Moth" (Acoustic)

    "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" (WMV)

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    Guns N' Roses - two NEW songs leaked

    Well, you'll remember I just recently posted about the potential that the new Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy was coming out in March.

    Now, you can hear two demo tracks (supposedly) from the Chinese Democracy sessions. Go get them over at Central Village by clicking HERE.

    I always wonder...how often are leaks intentional? Could this be some kind of testing of the waters to see if people react favorably to these obviously not finished tracks? Does this mean we're getting closer to an actual release?!

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc???

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    16 February 2006


    "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" by Wilco which clocks in at 10:48

    Sometimes I'm able to pinpoint the very song, the exact moment, that a band wins me over. I remember when it happened with The Smiths, it was as soon as I heard "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" for the first time, but this is about a different night that opened my eyes. This is about the song that finally made me realize that liking Wilco was something I'd enjoy. See, to me Wilco was just some crap alt-country band. When people would talk to me about Wilco, Whiskeytown, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Golden Smog, my eyes would just glaze over and my brain stopped paying attention to my ears. You have to understand, this kind of music was pretty darn popular where I grew up so, naturally, I didn't want anything to do with it. I mean, I'd never really so much as listened to an entire album by any of those bands but that's the beauty of being close-minded, it takes no effort what-so-ever. All I knew was that those bands were making music I didn't care to hear. When Mermaid Avenue came out I begrudgingly bought it (because I love Billy Bragg) and totally loved it, but I never actually acknowledged that Wilco had anything to do with that album. To my demented, closed, mind it was all Billy Bragg.

    I was one mean, stupid, sonbitch when it came to giving Wilco a chance. One friend of mine gave me, free of charge, a copy of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot when it came out. He said, "I KNOW you'll like this record". I never even put it in to listen to. Why? Dumb. What it finally took to get me to check them out was a different friend actually buying me a ticket to see Wilco in concert in October of 2004 at Radio City Music Hall. No way I'd turn down a free ticket to such a concert...my stupidity goes only so far.

    At the show I remember liking what I was hearing right away. They played "Hummingbird" and "Muzzle of Bees" and "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" early in the set and I was really getting into it. The show went on and I found myself quite shocked at how much I was liking Wilco. And then it happened. That thing that happens, like I said before, when something clicks. That moment you actually fall in love with a band's music and you realize you'll be buying a few of their albums (like) the next day. Well, it had been building throughout the show for me so as soon as they started with the groovy bounce of "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" I was hooked and by the end of the song I was head over heels. Listen, you'll see what I mean.

    This version of the song is from A Ghost is Born (the picture here is the cover of that album). Don't be stupid like me, go buy it and while you're at it pick up Kicking Television: Live in Chicago too because these guys RULE in concert.

    EAR FARM's 8+ is a weekly feature that showcases songs longer than 8 minutes. In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
    British Sea Power - "Lately"
    Islands - "Swans"
    Isolée - "Pillowtalk"
    Animal Collective - "Banshee Beat"
    Wilderness - "Post Plethoric Rhetoric"
    The Wedding Present - "Interstate 5"
    Sleater-Kinney - "Let's Call It Love"
    My Morning Jacket - "Dondante"

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    Note about songs hosted by EAR FARM

    EAR FARM has been hosting songs for a month and a half or so now, and it's time to start enacting the removal of some of these songs. From this point forward all files that are uploaded will only be hosted for a limited time. There'll be no set amount of time that music remains on the EF server (probably two weeks or so) but if you're looking at a song that looks like this then you'll know you're too late. Besides, what will it matter once you've already bought the music yourself? I hope you guys continue to enjoy the great music on this site and support the artists who make it.

    - Matt

    ***I hope to leave some of the live shows up for a bit longer than the other stuff***

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    The Nailbiters

    Mother FUCKER.

    Okay, all apologies to everyone but the post from yesterday about The Nailbiters got erased. Son of a bitch. I'm going to see if I can recover it somehow but in the meantime please check out this band and their music. It's reminiscent of Bishop Allen and Wilco...good solid American indie pop-rock. Go now while I break things.

    Listen (no more auto pop-ups on anything here, btw):
    "The Distraction"
    "I Think I May Know"

    See them live:
    18 Feb 06 - The Parkside Lounge
    3 March 06 - Hank's
    26 March 06 - Pete's Candy Store
    27 April 06 - Fat Baby

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    Billboard on The Walkmen's new album

    Damon Albarn pens musical

    Spin on the new Fiery Furnaces album

    Broadcast Radio Fights Back

    Cat Power, Feist On Serge Gainsbourg Tribute

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    15 February 2006

    Overlooked Albums from the 90's - #19

    Time Was Gigantic...When We Were Kids by The Durutti Column

    Like two of the previous selections, I first started listening to this artist as a result of my love for The Smiths. Basically, The Durutti Column is Vini Reilly and yes, he's the same Vini Reilly who played guitar on Morrissey's Viva Hate. So you can maybe now start to see why I wanted to check out The Durutti Column in the first place. I mean, the guitar work on Viva Hate was pretty darn neat and my quest to completely beat to death any possible musical connections to The Smiths would never be complete without buying at least a couple of Durutti Column albums. Plus, Vini happened to have been the guitarist in Morrissey's first attempt at lead vocal stylings in the band The Nosebleeds.

    I ran across an article about Vini and The Durutti Column that's worth a read, if you have any interest go HERE, or you can check out this interesting bit about the Viva Hate sessions:

    Brought in to be the guitarist and keyboard player under producer Stephen Street, Vini found himself immediately unhappy at the situation: "I've no wish to criticise him [Street], but the songs that he had written, the chord structures were so banal and unbelievably trite that I said I would only make the album and be part of it if I could rewrite every note of every song from scratch." Amazingly, they agreed, although contractually Street had to keep his writing credits. Vini went through and re-arranged everything, deconstructing every track except single Suedehead. Vini found the experience incredibly enjoyable, even though it required learning a completely different recording discipline to one he was used to. "I enjoyed the challenge of it really. Some of them were so abstract that they barely existed and it was only when the backing track was completed and Morrissey came in and did his lyrics over the top of it and sang that you could tell where the verse and chorus were. Because up until that point the verse could have been the chorus and the chorus could have been the verse. There was no structure. And then I'd adjust the pieces to make them make sense."
    Okay, back to The Durutti Column. Let me tell you, this music is not really for everyone. Not really for that many people period, which would explain why it's been 'overlooked'. It's avant-garde rock and I think that most folks will quickly tire of the heavy-on-delay guitar noodling that dominates each and every Durutti Column album. Of course, that's just Vini being Vini but surely isn't for all tastes. The thing is, if you can get past the initial annoyance you'll find some really fantastic music. Genius music even. Do you remember the part in 24 Hour Party People when there's nobody in the Hacienda and there's a dude playing guitar on stage...Tony Wilson defends the guys as "a genius"...? Anyway, that's meant to be Vini/The Durutti Column and, in fact, the real Vini Reilly makes a cameo in the film.

    So, where does that leave us? I've posted three tracks from the album here. The first, "Pigeon" will give you the most honest impression of what Vini's music generally sounds like. Something along the lines of 'extremely talented musician bores himself playing simple, catchy tunes and gravitates towards more complex guitar stylings'. In fact, "Pigeon" is (according to the official Durutti Column site) "inspired by and structurally similar Peter Green's 'Albatross'". The second and third tracks are two of my three favorites on the album (the third, which I did not upload, being "Sing to Me"). They feature the hauntingly beautiful voice of Eley Rudge (she guests on five songs on this album and a few other Durutti Column records) and are truly top-notch. In fact, "Drinking Song" has been a favorite staple of mine when making mix-cds for people since I first got this album in 1998. Now you too can wow people by including this song in your own mixes.

    (this album is not easy to find in stores, or anywhere else, so you might want to try Amazon UK or EBay, though there aren't any copies currently listed on EBay)

    Previous Overlooked Albums from the 90's:
    #1 - Saturnalia by The Wedding Present
    #2 - The Inevitable by Squirrel Nut Zippers
    #3 - This is Our Music by Galaxie 500
    #4 - Dusk by The The
    #5 - Fantasma by Cornelius
    #6 - New Wave by The Auteurs
    #7 - I, Jonathan by Jonathan Richman
    #8 - Futureworld by Trans Am
    #9 - Harmacy by Sebadoh
    #10 - Cure For Pain by Morphine
    #11 - God Fodder by Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    #12 - Seven by James
    #13 - Why Do Birds Sing? by Violent Femmes
    #14 - Blank-Wave Arcade by The Faint
    #15 - Dog Man Star by Suede
    #16 - Beatsongs by The Blue Aeroplanes
    #17 - Don't Try This At Home by Billy Bragg
    #18 - 1992: The Love Album by Carter USM

    if you'd like...
    Pitchfork's top albums of the 90's
    1st version of their list

    Another site does their own "Overlooked of the 90's":
    Top 30 'Other' Albums of the '90s

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    Air guitar technology takes the great leap forward

    Playing air guitar rules. Whether you compete in the US Air Guitar Championships, or just play a little air guitar on the weekends as a hobby, the following story will be of some interest to you. See, there are some scientists in Finland who are trying to blend a new form of synthesizer with the style of movement/dancing/imitation that is air guitar.

    From an article on the BBC website:

    The Virtual Air Guitar can be mastered in just a few seconds. You simply put on a pair of orange gloves, stand in front of a camera which is attached to a computer and the software reads your hand movements to create music, of a sort.

    There are two basic programs: chords and solo. The chords on offer are perhaps a little basic but even the most musically inept can, within a minute or two, produce the opening riff to Deep Purple's classic Smoke on the Water.

    One member of the team behind the project, Aki Kanerva at the Helsinki University of Technology, said the tune was ideal as it was both "easy to play and has the right spirit of rock".

    But it is the "solo" function that truly unlocks the guitar's potential. Simply by frantically waggling your hands in a vague imitation of playing a guitar you can do a passable impression of a guitar soloist. Aki's performance saw him playing behind his head and on his back. All he had to do was to keep his little orange gloves within sight of the camera.
    Read the rest HERE and do yourself a favor and check out the video clip linked to within that article to see this technology in action.

    Also, why not check out this air guitar performance of "Welcome to the Jungle".

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    Fluxblog has a new song by The Streets

    Chromewaves has a new Ambulance LTD track

    Motel de Moka has been on fire of late with the MP3s she's posting - just go look around

    Burning Oak's Smilin Singles series is well worth a look/listen

    Bradley has a very recent Matt Pond PA show in Boston

    Berkeleyplace has Belle and Sebastian doing "Billie Jean"

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    14 February 2006

    EAR FARM's "Easy Cheesy" Valentine's Day Mix

    What you will find here: EAR FARM's Valentine's Day 2006 Mix.
    Why: This was put together with care by EAR FARM so that you can download and have a nice Valentine's gift to give to your sweetheart, or a wonderful soundtrack to enjoy together. Also, if you're without sweetheart, this mix (put on a CD) would make for a great thing to destroy given how over-the-top lovey dovey all of the songs are.

    There are a bunch of other places you can find indie love song or anti-love song mixes (try marathonpacks, Muzzle of Bees, Clever Titles or YANP and tell me of any others in the comments!) - but if you're looking for something different, some top notch CHEESE, you've found the right place.

    EAR FARM's "Easy Cheesy" Valentine's Day Mix

    1. "More Than I Can Say" by Leo Sayer - BUY the album
    You might think: quite the odd opening track given the mention of 'sorrow' and crying in the lyrics. But I'll tell you what, this is some fabulous AM radio cheese, one of my favorites. And the lasting impression by the end of the song when you've heard the words "I love you more than I can say" about 500 times, is that this guys loves someone a TON. Sweet.

    2. "High On You" by Survivor - BUY the album
    He sings - "I can't stop thinking 'bout you girl".
    I think - I can't stop thinking about "Burning Heart" from Rocky IV (by this band) when I hear this song, that's really weird. Man, Survivor really kicks out the jams. Nice mini guitar solo in this song too, I have a feeling it won't be the last such solo in this list. Also, nothing is more romantic than this lyric: "let me tell you 'bout the girl I HAD last night". Oh, do tell. Tell me about the cheeseburger you had, then tell me about the girl.

    3. "Faithfully" by Journey - BUY the album
    All I ever hear when people discuss Journey is how good Steve Perry's voice is, like they need SOMEthing to say about the band and that's all they can come up with. Me...I'm still not convinced that Steve Perry isn't the result of some gene splicing science experiment that combined the two guys from Aerosmith. Oh oh, heads up - sweet guitar solo at about 3:36.

    4. "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon - BUY the album
    Did your sweetheart cheat on you? Hurt you? But you're going to keep on loving that person, even if it means losing sleep AND you meant it when you said that you'd love them forever? Then this song is for you. There's some nice snake-in-the-grass imagery in the first verse and, of course, a little guitar solo to make you feel just right.

    5. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler - BUY the album
    I love the version of this song that's in The Wedding Singer Old School (uhh...oops) because underneath the vocals the whole time in Bonnie Tyler's original you can tell she totally has the desire to just rip into shit and start swearing like a sailor. This song is actually the Beowulf of the 80's - it's a total epic and may even be taught as such to high school students one day. No guitar solo to speak of but dig that minute long slow-fade at the end. And these lines (sigh), are classic: "Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart. There's nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart".

    6. "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner - BUY the album
    This song reminds me of being a 7 year old kid and listening to my AM radio in bed. I think I used to hear it just about every night. Listen to the song and imagine that scene... Hmm, if I had a psychiatrist I bet he/she could spend many many sessions examining this fact of my life.

    7. "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" by Air Supply - BUY the album
    Making love out of nothing at all...is this the arranged marriage theme song? Gosh I've always hated Air Supply. Hated. But you know, these lyrics are pretty sweet until the dope singing starts making sports analogies at about 3:14. Sheesh, it almost makes me forget the guitar solo that happens right before that.

    8. "The Flame" by Cheap Trick - BUY the album
    From the first notes you can smell the cheese. Newsflash - he does NOT say "you were the first to be the last", he actually says "you were the first you'll be the last". Guess I never took the time to realize that until now, nor did I realize that this is a pretty sweet song. Subdued little guitar solo included.

    9. "Invisible Touch" by Genesis - BUY the album
    I love Genesis, it's like loving Cheetos. In fact, I think that Phil Collins is the closest thing to Cheez Whiz you'll find anywhere in Pop music. Insincere and delicious. Huh? And this song wreaks of pop insincerity, which is something we all need a little more of on holidays like these.

    10. "Babe" by Styx - BUY the album
    "Tomo arigato, you know it's you babe". There are some songs by Styx that I honestly love and this is one. This song should be taught in college music programs around the world as THE example of an honest, cheesy, love song. If it doesn't make you smile, barf, or sway from side to side, you might need to check your pulse.

    11. "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister - BUY the album
    This song starts out sounding like a steam train. A really delicate steam train and it makes me think of a teddy bear crying. Why? Nobody knows except Mr. Mister.

    12. "How Deep Is Your Love" by The Bee Gees - BUY the album
    Three words to describe this song? Mellow, groovy, syrupy, harmonious, ethereal electric piano...was that three or seven words? I lost count drifting away listening to this song. Paying attention just now to the words I remember how priceless this one line is - "We belong to you and me". Yes.

    13. "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel - BUY the album
    Speaking of electric piano... I don't know what it is that everyone seems to hate so much about Billy Joel. Sure his noggin has grown to Head from So I married an Axe Murderer proportions and he can't seem to not drive drunk, but this song is pure gold. If you're looking for the sweetest love song, one that won't confuse you with fancy poetic lyrics, look no further. Honestly, who wouldn't want to hear someone else tell them "I love you just the way you are".

    14. "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - BUY the album
    In my personal dictionary, this song is filed under the entry for duet. It's the song that first made me aware that such mystical pairings as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers could, and did, happen. "Baby, when I met you there was peace unknown, I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb"...what??

    15. "The Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera - BUY the album
    This is the theme from Karate Kid II. Which kicks less ass, the song or the movie it's from? People are still debating this question some twenty years later. And still, when I consider cheesy love songs, this one always comes to mind.

    16. "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie And Diana Ross - BUY the album
    Another song that could be used as an educational tool. This one for vocalists who want to learn how to whisper sing and phrase and pause properly when they sing. The sugar sweet strings really build to quite a climax by the end of the song. "My........endless love".

    17. "Lost in Your Eyes" by Debbie Gibson - BUY the album
    Who else has slow danced to this song? Don't be shy, it's okay. That's what it reminds me of to this day...slow dancing as a 14 year old and the smell of Pantene Pro-V in my dancing partner's hair.

    18. "I Honestly Love You" by Olivia Newton John - BUY the album
    This is the perfect end to the big Valentine's day ball of cheese that is this mix. I hope you enjoy it for many years, months, or minutes and that your Valentine's Day is filled with either a bunch of nice cheesy love or the desire to make fun of it.

    Download the entire mix as a .zip HERE

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    Today's NEW releases

    Today, a bunch of live things from two bands I like:

    What else?

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    Chinese Democracy to be released March 6th?

    First, I noticed this post on Productshop, which said:

    "On friday, Axl showed up at Stereo with a posse at around 5:30am. When they told him the club was closed, he took out what he called a finished a mix copy of the thirteen track Chinese Democracy album and promised to let them play the entire record. It took all of about three seconds for them to let him in and keep the club open until about eight in the morning.

    With the album slated to drop for the last ten years, who the fuck knows if this sure-to-be-a-let-down of an album will ever hit stores, but new rumors are flying that Chinese Democracy will drop on March 6th."
    Then I realized I'd need to check this out for myself. I mean, it's been like 14.5 years since Use Your Illusion was released.

    So then I found THIS:
    "Stereo nightclub owners Barry Mullineaux and Mike Satsky were closing up their Chelsea hotspot at 5:30 a.m. the other morning when they encountered elusive GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose at the front door. The braided rocker was with bandmates and a bevy of beauties wanting to keep his 44th birthday bash going. Rose was so eager to get inside the club that he offered the owners a little bribe — an exclusive listening party for his yet-to-be released album, "Chinese Democracy". Axl dispatched his driver to retrieve the unreleased CD and the owners proceeded to play host, bartender and DJ to the posse till 8 a.m."
    And THIS:
    "Rumors have long plagued "Chinese Democracy" -- particularly that it might never be released -- but those were finally quashed a month ago when Rose told Rolling Stone at a KoRn tour announcement party that "Chinese Democracy" was almost good to go."
    And THIS:
    "'Yeah, it's going to happen, I've been made aware it's been heard. I'm really excited, it's been a long time waiting to see what the next step around the corner was going to be for him (Axl Rose)," Slash said. "We know where everybody else is, but we were wondering what he was going to be doing. It's coming out in March and apparently it sounds great.'"
    And THIS:
    "Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash said that the group's long-overdue new album, Chinese Democracy, will arrive in March 2006."
    And many more...none of which convinced me that this is actually going to happen. We shall see - who wants to bet that the album won't have been worth the wait?

    Guns N' Roses Official Site

    (photo found HERE)

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    13 February 2006

    The Apparitions

    "first there was God, then came the monkey, then came the robot"

    I like Dodge, he's a nice guy with a great website, but I don't always listen to everything he posts about because I'm dumb. Sometimes I have to hear a song on WOXY before I get it. Well, I know that many of you guys don't listen to everything I post about either so I'm hoping that the fact that MOKB already posted about this band will help convince you to check them out.

    We are The Apparitions.
    We are the chariot race in Ben-Hur.
    We are 3 guitars, 1 bass, and 4 drums. And cymbals. And singing.
    Lots of singing. We play spacey golden pop rock.
    We play spacey golden pop rock loud.
    We are The Apparitions.

    Anyway, as I kinda was saying, I just heard a song by The Apparitions on WOXY. The first thing I thought of was The Strokes. Then I thought about how I don't really even like that band and I thought about Grandaddy. Then I realized I needn't try to come up with comparisons. The music was making my head bob. My foot was tapping and I was liking it. Within no time I was singing along, imagining listening to the song on my iPod whilst commuting, and thinking of how many people I know would like this song. I betcha everyone in the studio just KNEW this song was going to kick some ass when they recorded it. The Apparitions had me at "Hello" ("God Monkey Robot"), or some cheesy shit like that. I can tell you I'm fairly damn well excited to see them play live on Friday and I'll be picking up their album because these two songs just aren't enough. I dare you to not enjoy this music.

    "God Monkey Robot"
    "Electricity + Drums"

    "Motor Skills"

    In NYC, see them Friday the 17th of Feb @ Sin-é. Live someplace else? Check HERE to see when you can catch them live.

    Read more about them HERE

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