28 February 2006

EAR FARM's February '06 mixtape

At the end of every month, EAR FARM highlights all of the new music covered on the site that month by putting together songs from each featured artist in a nice list so you can download them. Try burning this mix to a CD and then write your name on it so you can impress your friends with the obscure bands you've been listening to lately. Clicking the song title will give you the song, the band name will take you to the band's site, and the (+) will take you to a previous EAR FARM post about that band.

1. "This Is Hope (The Birth Of Prometea)" by Mull Historical Society (+)
2. "Emergency" by The Wilderness (+)
3. "Roucoulement" by The Melody Function (+)
4. "Hospital Inside Me" by The Secret Life Of Sofia (+)
5. "God Monkey Robot" by The Apparitions (+)
6. "I Think I May Know" by The Nailbiters (+)
7. "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" by People in Planes (+)
8. "Icy Deep" by Peasant (+)
9. "In The Mirror" by Kim Novak (+)
10. "Corazon" by Bishop Allen (+)


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