17 February 2006

People in Planes

I get the feeling that People in Planes might be a guilty pleasure for me in the future. What I mean is that their sound (some bits Radiohead, some Supergrass, something their own too) is sure to soon be guided towards making tweens happy and filling arena seats. Just too much money to be made off of bands like this. Heck, they've already got an ultra snazzy website, Joaquin Phoenix directed their video for "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)", and they just toured with The Bravery. They're playing SxSW (headlining Billboard's showcase there) and just set to go on a US tour in support of their new record that comes out on March 28th. Well, whether they're going places or already there I can't help but like the potential that "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" hints at. And it's also important to let the bands with a big huge PR push behind them know that they can also get some burn here at EAR FARM. We're not just about the little guys/gals here. New motto? EAR FARM: as likely to bring you a band only three people know about as to bandwagon the next OC viewer favs. Whatever. Jam on it.

(yes, I know I just missed them at Mercury Lounge in January)

Listen (no more auto pop-ups on anything here, btw):
"If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)"
"Moth" (Acoustic)

"If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" (WMV)