28 February 2006

Buy Bishop Allen's new EP starting today

Remember, Bishop Allen...

"...decided to get back to what we do best, putting out music ourselves, and we're very happy with these first fruits. The songs will soon be up on iTunes, but what you really want to do is get one from us, because of the nifty self-mailing sleeve it comes in. Each copy will be hand addressed by Justin Rice and postmarked by an equally addled man in the Williamsburg Post Office, commemorating the day your order shipped and the postage rates in effect that particular day.

This is the second in our monthly series of EPs. If you bought January, you have some idea of the sweetness we can pack into four songs. This trend continues. February is $5, shipping included. And you get the cover with a stamp on it (sometimes three!) if we mail it to you."
I just ordered mine, now you should GO BUY your own copy. Want to hear a good reason to get Bishop Allen's February?


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