23 February 2006


"From Sinking" by Isis which clocks in at 8:24

I first considered posting "Scarecrow" from Psalm 69 here in this week's 8+ but then realized I'd be giving away half of that album if I did (that is, after the post yesterday and all) and my goal isn't really to give you guys albums here. No, I kinda hope I turn you on to some good music that makes you want to go and spend money on the artists who make this music. Plus, three Ministry songs is enough for one week on EAR FARM. But don't go thinking you got out of having to hear some more RRRRROCK!

I bought into Isis based on the Pitchfork review of their album Oceanic. This was back when I still hailed Pitchfork as music-Jesus. Turns out that review turned me on to one of my favorite albums of 2002, an album that restored my faith in heavy metal and the fact that good, new, metal was still being released. This track, "From Sinking", is a great indicator of what the rest of the album is like. It's dreamy and grinding metal with a low growl for vocals. Grinding not like a train but more like a big ship sailing in rough waters. This would seem an obvious image given the title and themes present throughout the album but the band actually delivers on all of this sea imagery. Somehow Isis gives the listener a blissful journey right into a perfect storm (of ROCK!) on Oceanic and "From Sinking" is one of the highlights for sure.

BUY Oceanic HERE, if you liked "From Sinking" you won't be disappointed.

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