12 January 2006


"Banshee Beat" by Animal Collective which clocks in at 8:22

For most people Animal Collective is a little too aurally challenging, I understand that. Their music is probably a little too scatterbrain / crazy / interesting / original for mass appeal, I get it. Also, I know that the way many folks check out a new album is to go track to track and listen to each for 10 seconds to see if anything grabs their attention. Animal Collective's music does not lend itself to this kind of discovery. While that may not be how the people reading this site go about/feel about things, I'd still venture a guess that some of you haven't yet found yourself loving Animal Collective. Well, I have to suggest checking this song out to anyone who has been turned off by this band in the past. Sit down and listen. Give it time, let the song open up and wash over you like it wants to. It's like a mental massage. Who doesn't need one of those?

Buy the album this track is from HERE, it's one of the best released in 2005.

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