13 January 2006

British Sea Power / Brakes news

Given the success that Brakes are having it's not entirely surprising to learn that Eamon Hamilton is leaving British Sea Power. From their newsletter:

"Moving back to the present, we have some less happy news. Due to the ongoing success of his other band, Brakes, BSP keyboardist Eamon has now left BSP to pursue Brakes glory full-time. All remains fully amicable between the five men of BSP past and present. Further, it is not unlikely that Eamon will return for the BSP headlining slot at Glastonbury 2007. In the meantime we all wish him well."
Brakes are currently touring with Belle & Sebastian and then Editors after that.

According to the same newsletter, British Sea Power is currently working on their third album:
"That's right, only eight months after the release of the Open Season album, BSP are engaged in constructing its successor. And, judging by the sounds emanating from the secret BSP underground wine-cellar - deep in the chalk of the South Downs, close by Foredown Tower - this new album may well emerge as the band's benchmark work. Apprenticeship now served, the band seem suffused with the notion that This Is The One. But, for now, let us look once more at recent recorded history."