23 January 2006

British Sea Power videos of in studio b-side performances

"San Diego has its own music show! Fox Rox - three times a week. Thursdays at midnight and 10:30 p.m. Saturdays on Fox 6, Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on UPN 13. Trust us to give you the honest lowdown on new releases and highlight the shows you dont want to miss."

Why does that matter to me, when I don't live in San Diego? Well it seems they've got a couple of in studio British Sea Power performances on their site, and we all know how crazy I am about that band.

"Don't You Want To Be A Bird?" (the b-side from the "It Ended on an Oily Stage" seven inch)
"When I Go Out" (a b-side from the "It Ended on an Oily Stage" Pt. 2 CD single)

Also, there's a bunch more stuff that's worthwhile on that Fox Rox site. Things like:
"The Recluse" by Cursive
"Monkey Begun" by Lou Barlow
"Ladyflash" by The Go! Team
"Little House of Savages" by The Walkmen

And that's not all, go check out the other goodness on there...if only the video quality wasn't such crap.