24 January 2006

Soulseek Records remix contest

Soulseek Records asked for entrants in their remix contest...
"In the end, we had 760 entries, a truly amazing response. As you may remember, we were supposed to have 5 finalists for you to vote from. However, it was SO hard to choose that final 5th remix, that you now have 7 finalists to choose from."

This is good news if you like dance/electronica and want to check out 7 songs for free and then decide which one you like best and vote for it. The finalists are (click their name to be taken to their remix):

Now, if you need a suggestion as to which to vote for (full disclosure forthcoming) might I recommend the one that The Specimen worked on? He's a friend of a friend who happens to be playing this Thursday at Don Hill's but regardless, go check out those remixes and VOTE for your favorite!