04 January 2006

Machine Go Boom

Machine Go Boom found EAR FARM on MySpace a while back and I didn't get much of a chance to check them out until recently. They've got their roots planted in acoustic based experimental pop rock and would probably appeal to people who like bands such as Camper Van Beethoven and Dead Milkmen.

What I like about the band is that their music is fun, catchy, and inventive pop. There's energy in this music that's something like that of a birthday party full of kids who just got their slices of cake and only ate the frosting...like they'd be a pretty kick ass band to see with a room full of drunk people. So, there you have it, a motto for them: drunk people or children, prepare to have fun!

"Captain Obvious"
"The Kazoo Star"

See them live:
14 January 2006 @ Jigsaw Saloon, Cleveland, OH
11 February 2006 @ Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, Cleveland, OH

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