24 January 2006


Here, OPP stands for Other People's Posts. This is a regular thing highlighting posts from other bloggers which I find to be worth checking out. As with anything on EAR FARM, just search OPP up top there to see previous round-ups of OPP. Okay, ready?

Aquarium Drunkard posted some nice Laura Cantrell

Between Thought and Expression links to SNL's Young Chuck Norris Video

Bows + Arrows posted a new Liars track

The Camera As Pen has some tracks from the new Jenny Lewis disc

Clever Titles posted Colin Meloy doing a Shirley Collins song and also posted the original

Motel de Moka posted a Squirrel Nut Zippers song (and a bunch others) as part of her Kinky Collection series

My Old Kentucky Blog posted about Ohmega Watts - go listen

Part 2 in a series you should read: One Louder's 'Where have all the Baggy's gone?'

Not the usual kinda stuff he posts but still the high quality we expect...The Perm & The Skullet posted about The London Apartments

Yeti Don't Dance posted about National Eye