11 January 2006

Richard Hawley

"Richard Hawley is a singer songwriter from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He has released three full length albums (Late Night Final, Lowedges and current album Coles Corner) and a Mini album entitled Richard Hawley. He is best known now as a singer of heartfelt and beautiful songs but has a long musical history as a guitarist.

If you would like to know what has happened and what is yet to come please enter the site here."

That was taken from his official site. I've only just bought his most recent album yesterday and so haven't really spent that much time with his music, but I like what I've heard so far.

Part of Allmusic's write-up on him:
"With melodic, baritoned anguished that falls somewhere in the neighborhood of Scott Walker, Pulp touring guitarist and former Longpigs member Richard Hawley began his solo career with his self-titled debut in 2001. Richard was raised in Sheffield, England, the son of a steelworker and grew up listening to folks such as Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley"

Well, I can definitely hear some of those two guys in his music. Check him out for yourself if you'd like to hear mellow tender throwback songs like the two below. Thanks to Caffeine-Headache for introducing him to me in the first place.

"It's Over Love"