05 January 2006


Once again, I am having trouble with the site that hosts files for me. This is causing me to delay the posting of today's "Overlooked Album from the 90s" and messing up my planned upload of the Sufjan Stevens live set I linked to before, among other things. I'll be going out of town Thursday through Monday so, assuming the issue is resolved sometime tonight, you can expect a bunch of posts that will tide you over while I'm away in a land with no internet and then things shall return to normalcy Monday.

If I am able to host these files you'll find these things posted sometime between tonight and tomorrow morning:
- Overlooked Album of the 90s #13
- this week's 8+
- weekend live music

Fingers crossed/flipping off technology,

UPDATE - okay, so I've not been able to sort things out with my file hosting ability and where I'm going this weekend I'm 90% sure there will be no internet access for me so I apologize and you can expect EF to return to normal next Tuesday.