17 January 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves news / new track

Pretty Girls Make Graves is one of my favorite US bands. A few days ago I noticed a couple of sites posted a new track of theirs. "Yesyesyes," I muttered and then promptly forgot to post about this news on my own site.

Pretty Girls Make Graves recently redesigned their site and have a new album coming out on April 11th, 2006 called Élan Vital. You can hear a song from it below. Enjoy.

Pretty Girls Make Graves - "The Nocturnal House"

Currently, you can see them live if you reside 'down under':
Feb. 25th Melbourne @ Spanish Club
Feb. 27th Perth @ The Rosemount
Mar. 1st Adelaide @ Jive
Mar 2nd Brisbane @ The Zoo
Mar 3rd Sydney @ Gaelic Club
Mar 5th Sydney @ Laneway Festival