19 January 2006

Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz has a new album coming out on Sub Pop on the 7th of February, 2006. It's called Below the Branches and you can pre-order it HERE.

His bio from AllMusic:
"Kelley Stoltz grew up in the Detroit area, but soon found his way to San Francisco. Armed with a four-track recorder and tons of great ideas, Stoltz began recording his songs, performing all the parts himself. These songs caught the ear of Monte Vallier, who helped Stoltz clean up and sweeten the recordings for release as The Past Was Faster on The Telegraph Company. After that, Stoltz upgraded to an eight-track and self-released Antique Glow in a limited edition of 200 on vinyl, each copy housed in a different, originally designed sleeve by Stoltz. Antique Glow was then picked up by Jackpine Social Club for wider release in 2003, which both raised his profile and allowed him to quit his teaching job. He then moved to Sub Pop, releasing the Sun Comes Through EP in late 2005 in anticipation of another full-length in early 2006."

Listen to two songs from the new album:
"Memory Collector"
"The Sun Comes Through"

It's amasing that this music is all the work of one man, stop avoiding this guy! Also...you do know about Kelley's album Crockodials don't you? Well you should. About it he says, "My version of an all-time personal favorite, 'Crocodiles' by Echo & the Bunnymen. I recorded it the last week of 2001 - playing all the instruments myself and mostly from memory... I had air-drummed and air-guitar/lip-synced long enough."

Listen to two tracks from that record:
"Villiers Terrace"