05 January 2006


"Pillowtalk" by Isolée which clocks in at 10:00

My friend Paul asked me why electronic music wasn't representin' on my site. It was kind of a joke because I don't really get so much into things like Oakenfold or Tiesto or whatever, and he knows that, but it's not like I won't listen to electronic stuff. In fact I used to make a bunch of synthy drum machine songs myself a few years ago.

This track is from the one electronic album that really made some noise amongst critics this year, We Are Monster by Isolée. I got it and checked it out and the album is indeed very good yet didn't end up making my top 15. Why is EAR FARM such a hater to electronic music?

"Pillowtalk" is the album's final song and it sounds like what I might expect to hear hanging out one night with Lando after he hooked me up with some high dollar cloud city drugs and took me to his favorite club at 2am. Either that or it's an inverted interpretation of the famous instrumental "Popcorn". Whatever - told you I don't know enough about "techno" to write about it. Enjoy the tune at least.

In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
British Sea Power - "Lately"
Islands - "Swans"