18 January 2006


Wow. Big thanks go out to Jason for suggesting EAR FARM check out Apse when he entered EF's 2nd CYHSY ticket contest. I'm amazed at what I've heard so far.

Apse makes music equally gorgeous and haunting. Ominous post-rock with a sense of wonder that reminds me of (at times) The Beta Band, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and My Bloody Valentine. But that's only what MY ears hear. This band is making songs that evolve within themselves - yes, post-rock and yes, there are vocals. Yet their vocal tracks are not pushed to the front but rather allowed to exist in the mix just like every other instrument. You want me to create a genre for them? Fine. Post-rock industrial shoegaze-pop. Does that make sense? Just go listen.


Visit Apse on MySpace HERE

Upcoming shows:
4 Feb - Pussycat Lounge, NYC
5 Feb - BAR, New Haven, CT
10 Mar - Art@Sophi/The Compound, Philadelphia, PA
11 Mar - Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA