30 January 2006

Man Man @ Cake Shop - 27 Jan, 2006

I was unsure what to do this past Friday, as there were a bunch of good things going on. What was finally settled on was to go to the Underrated's party at Crash and then to Cake Shop to see Man Man. Wise decisions were made that night.

Got to Cake Shop right before Coyote started their set and I'm glad because they put on a nice show, I think. At least, they sounded great - I couldn't see the band at all given the manner in which things are set up at Cake Shop but, whatever. Beers were had and the music was very nice...even though, at first, I wanted to leave and go see another show out of fear that I'd not be able to actually see Man Man perform.

While Man Man was setting up I got into much better position - I'd already seen this band once before and I knew that actually being able to see them perform was half the fun. It was hot and cramped and there were the usual people complaining to me about biology ("I'm short, you're tall...wahhh") as if it really mattered in a venue like Cake Shop. Well, as soon as they started playing I was just so happy to have decided to stick with it because Man Man amazed. Their live show is just not to be missed. It's like seeing/hearing the thoughts of a musically-minded mad scientist played out by a group of wandering minstrels. Yeah, something like that except so much more fun and dance-able.

Since I've never posted about these guys before, let's check out some MP3s here:
"I, Manface"
"Van Helsing Boombox"

You can buy their music HERE or you can also go check out Man Man on MySpace.

UPDATE - by the way, Jerry was also at the show on Friday...go read what he had to say about it and listen to some Tunng while you're over there. I think I'll blame him and Angela and (of course) Mike and Jesse for my not being able to leave the apartment until 3pm on Saturday.