13 January 2006


And Now for Something Completely Different...

Sorry, don't get confused, Fanuelle has nothing to do with Monty Python. But my boss just walked into my office as I was starting this post and he told me about seeing Spamalot and thus the Python was on me brain. Anyway, here's another musician suggested via entry to the 2nd CYHSY ticket contest...this one is thanks to Kris.

Fanuelle is an artist on Barcelona-based Houston Party Records but resides in New York. He is, according to the bio on his label's site "a very peculiar guy" who hasn't "put on any CD in three years". Well, I like peculiar and if I were guessing I'd say he last listened to a little Stephin Merritt, Syd Barrett, Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg, or Pulp...or something along those lines. At least I'm hearing bits of each of those artists when I listen to these songs.

"Dirty Loverstuff"
"I've Been Killing, So"

You can purchase his self titled album on iTunes HERE

update - fyi, a quick search showed me that Marathonpacks posted about Fanuelle last August