19 January 2006


"Post Plethoric Rhetoric" by Wilderness which clocks in at 8:11

Wilderness has been a very polarizing band so far. Mike and Jesse reviewed their show @ Bowery and hated them (as did Bradley and a bunch of other people) yet their album has been getting pretty good reviews. Personally, I really like their album but fear that the band may be taking a few too many pages from the book of PiL. Regardless, this track is a heavy dose of whatever it is people love/hate about Wilderness. It is booming drums, cutting guitars, and screaming rants that whirl around like eddy currents; ebbing and flowing as the track progresses. It's the heart of the album it comes from (buy it HERE) and a fine example of a band whose sound you'll either love or hate.

EAR FARM's 8+ is a weekly feature that showcases songs longer than 8 minutes. In the recent past these songs were featured on EF's 8+:
British Sea Power - "Lately"
Islands - "Swans"
Isolée - "Pillowtalk"
Animal Collective - "Banshee Beat"