20 January 2006

Split Over Drapes

In the endless quest for good new music sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes you stumble upon the right band at the right time, sometimes they find you. When this happens, and the band is a less well-known local one that fits snugly into your personal taste in music, well, that's like magic.

I present for your listening pleasure:
Split Over Drapes

They're from Brooklyn and found EAR FARM on MySpace. I was going to write about them soon after they first messaged me but their singer/piano/guitarist Derrick said he was going to send me a disc of newly recorded material so I decided to wait.

I've been listening to the four song EP he sent a bunch today and I really like it so far. The production is top notch (produced by Chris Zane who also has done stuff for Calla and The Cloud Room) and the songwriting is right up my alley. It's listless but with purpose. The things that generally grab my attention right away are all here: interesting arrangements and choices, lyrics/vocals I like, and a well defined sound of their own. These songs are full of wandering melancholy and play out as a soundtrack to being content with cold gray skies. Yes, that's my kind of music. Remember, my favorite band ever is The Smiths and my favorite current one is British Sea Power...not to say these guys sound like either of those bands, but they do fit nicely somewhere in between. Split Over Drapes just might help bring balance to an indie world overflowing with Scientists and Morningwoods.

"Do You Know Where You Are"
"Forever Stay"

See them live:
23 February 2006 - 8:00pm @ Fat Baby in NYC

Visit Split Over Drapes on MySpace to listen to more of their songs.