08 February 2006

The Melody Function

The Melody Function came to me by way of an email from the guitarist/lead singer Tony. In the email he said that they're "so pop it hurts". Hell yes, that's someone worth checking out! Guess what...he's right. This band grooves along like great 60's psychedelic pop-rock with hints of The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and that song from True Romance (RealPlayer sample). Okay, well it's just the xylophone (marimba, steel drum, whatever) on "Roucoulement" that reminds me of the True Romance theme and maybe that's only because I love that song. They cooly wear these pop influences on their sleeve, or maybe more rolled up in their sleeve, never losing sight of the sound they were born to play and these two songs show a bunch of potential. Let's check out their bio:

The Melody Function formed on a hot Kentucky night in the fall of 2004 over copious amounts of Budweiser and Beamish and a love for indie music. The emerging sound of this 3-piece outfit fuses elements of psychedelic mod rock with twee and pop "Yeh-Yeh". The band's live shows alternate between amp-blowing rock and heart-wrenching acoustic pop incorporating soaring vocals atop shambolic instrumentation. The Melody Function's sound combines the passionate intensity of lyrical pop with the inebriated disorder of psychedelic rock.
Kentucky eh? Guess it should come as no surprise then that You Ain't No Picasso and My Old Kentucky Blog both already posted about these guys. They sent along two songs that are really excellent and worth checking out and I look forward to hearing more from this band.

"She Goes" (WMA)