13 February 2006

The Apparitions

"first there was God, then came the monkey, then came the robot"

I like Dodge, he's a nice guy with a great website, but I don't always listen to everything he posts about because I'm dumb. Sometimes I have to hear a song on WOXY before I get it. Well, I know that many of you guys don't listen to everything I post about either so I'm hoping that the fact that MOKB already posted about this band will help convince you to check them out.

We are The Apparitions.
We are the chariot race in Ben-Hur.
We are 3 guitars, 1 bass, and 4 drums. And cymbals. And singing.
Lots of singing. We play spacey golden pop rock.
We play spacey golden pop rock loud.
We are The Apparitions.

Anyway, as I kinda was saying, I just heard a song by The Apparitions on WOXY. The first thing I thought of was The Strokes. Then I thought about how I don't really even like that band and I thought about Grandaddy. Then I realized I needn't try to come up with comparisons. The music was making my head bob. My foot was tapping and I was liking it. Within no time I was singing along, imagining listening to the song on my iPod whilst commuting, and thinking of how many people I know would like this song. I betcha everyone in the studio just KNEW this song was going to kick some ass when they recorded it. The Apparitions had me at "Hello" ("God Monkey Robot"), or some cheesy shit like that. I can tell you I'm fairly damn well excited to see them play live on Friday and I'll be picking up their album because these two songs just aren't enough. I dare you to not enjoy this music.

"God Monkey Robot"
"Electricity + Drums"

"Motor Skills"

In NYC, see them Friday the 17th of Feb @ Sin-é. Live someplace else? Check HERE to see when you can catch them live.

Read more about them HERE