02 February 2006


"Let's Call It Love" by Sleater-Kinney which clocks in at 11:01

Sexy bashing and thrashing guitar stomp with wailing vocals.
A guitar solo which the song seems to revolve around.
Eleven minutes of rock recorded two notches into the red.

No this isn't Led Zeppelin, it's Sleater-Kinney on full throttle and it's about fucking time you listened to their album released last year. You missed seeing them at Madison Square Garden on New Year's because you were sick. You missed them at Mercury because you're an idiot. You haven't bought their records because you're a pig who thinks women can't rock like men. Get over it, and get with it.

Now, it's going to seem a little strange right at the end of this song when it just cuts off, but that's normal. See it totally leads into the next (and last) song on the album "Night Light". Hearing the two back to back is the way to go, and all you have to do is go BUY The Woods right now and you can enjoy. I'm telling you, the album is really fantastic - it made #13 on EF's list of 2005 albums.

(the picture is from HERE)

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