02 February 2006

Mull Historical Society / Colin MacIntyre

Another suggestion from EAR FARM's CYHSY contest, this time from Clare. Granted this is an artist a smidge more well known than some of the others I've so far encountered via suggestions from that contest, but I for one have never really listened to Mull Historical Society.

Mull Historical Society is really all one guy - Colin MacIntyre. He lives in Scotland and, well...here's what AllMusic says:

Scotland's Mull Historical Society is singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Colin MacIntyre. He arrived onto the British music scene in 2000. Although the name is confusing MHS has always been a pseudo name for the solo artist MacIntyre, who hails from the Hebridean island of Mull. At first signed to U.K. independent Tugboat, MacIntyre got to work on cranking out some of his extensive bank of backlogged songs. The warmly received Barcode Bypass single was released later in the year, named Debut Single of the Year by NME. The follow-up single, I Tried, was released the next March. Demonstrating the duo's bizarre sense of humor, the A-side's subject matter was described as "boy meets sheep." Animal Cannabus followed a few months later on Rough Trade, predating the full-length debut Loss, which was issued on Blanco y Negro in October. The next album, Us, was released in 2003. Having dropped the Mull Historical Society tag, MacIntyre's 3rd album, This is Hope was released on B-Unique Records in July 2004.
I pulled from that biography for him only because the ones on his site are a bit tough to get through. In fact, you just need to go check out the very comprehensive official Mull Historical Society site - there's a TON of stuff to see on there. In terms of music though, these songs are fantastic. I'm reminded of XTC and Tears for Fears and The Flaming Lips a bit, but that's probably only because of the grand scope of this music. How on earth did I go for so long without ever really listening to Mull Historical Society?

What I'm posting here are two tracks from the download of the week section of his site which features previously unreleased tracks from the Mull Historical Society vaults. Supposedly there's a TON of unreleased tracks hiding out in these vaults.

"This Is Hope (The Birth Of Prometea)"
"Peculiar (radio edit)"

Colin MacIntyre - This is Hope (iTunes)
Mull Historical Society on Insound