30 November 2005

EAR FARM's November '05 mixtape

Some of the songs and artists featured on EAR FARM in November, put together in a nice list so you can download them. Make them into a CD and impress your boss with how much you can get done at work.

1. "Like A Song" by The Sames
2. "Trains and Parades" by Schooner
3. "Governor's Daughter" by The Rosebuds
4. "Cowbell" by Tapes 'n Tapes
5. "Fille Atomique" by Nous Non Plus
6. "Lost in Boredom" by The Art of Shooting
7. "In the Pool" by Susu
8. "Welcome Come In" by Pleasant
9. "Nattmusik for Linnea" by Die Romantik
10. "The Resurrection Song" by Birdmonster
11. "Jeremy Clarkson" by happycasio!

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