01 November 2005

New Morrissey album update

True to You, that Morrissey zine you used to buy whenever you'd get the chance whilst visiting London on holiday (what, was that just me and Hilary Duff?), has relaunched their site and it's all nice looking and stuff.

Well, there's also a post on there from the MozMan himself, it says:

"I would like to say congratulations to Julia on the new launch of True To You! I know it will be a big success.
We are in the mid-stages of the mixing process on Ringleader Of The Tormentors here in Rome, and it has been a dazzling experience. Tony Visconti has been exceptional, and we are all very proud of the results.
The first single will be released in the second week of February, and the album will follow around March 20th.
Our plan to play Mexico City on New Year's Eve has not materialised - no decent financial offer to make the journey possible, which is sad.
We have moved our Italian and Greek and Turkish dates to February which will be the tour to launch the album.
Please watch this site for more news soon.
I am yours forever, MORRISSEY."

UPDATE - 4:27pm

more info on the new album worth reading from HERE:
"We have been working on the music and each day it just sounds better and better. I find every musician in the band a joy to work with. Morrissey's vocals are passionate and confident. Right now I'm at the mixing stage and most of the musicians have gone home. I am two thirds of the way through one of the best albums I've ever worked on, with not only Morrissey at his best, but the plot has twists and turns which somehow involve film composer Ennio Morricone and an Italian children's choir. That should whet your appetite, you Moz fans, you!"