08 November 2005

Super Furry Animals @ Webster Hall - 5 Nov '05

My friend Mike went to Webster Hall on Saturday to see Super Furry Animals and was nice enough to take some time to share some thoughts and pictures.

so here are my thoughts on the show:

First off, you should take Webster Hall off of your
much contested Top 10 list
simply for the fact that
they start Saturday night shows when its practically
still light outside. We got there at 9:30 and
apparently had already missed over 30 minutes of the
SFA set and the entire Caribou set....for a Saturday
night show. This is Saturday, not Monday. What's the
deeel Webster Hall? Turns out they had to open the
doors back up for the "club" people for the duration
of the evening. lame.

Anyhow, from what I did see, it was spectacular. I
last saw them open for Grandaddy at Irving Plaza a few
years ago and remember being transfixed by the visuals
they have synched up to their songs. Same thing on
Saturday. Their old and new stuff just popped (forgot
how amazing Gruff Rhys is as a singer and guitarist)
and everything was synched to the huge scrim behind
them, lots of fantastic colors, celery-chomping,
oversized Power Ranger helmets, and thankfully an
encore in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. Know thyself.