28 November 2005

Brakes news

Rough Trade has posted their Top 100 of 2005 list. Number one? That's right, it's Brakes!!!
You know Brakes right? Well, it's a shame if you don't already own this:
Brakes - Give Blood

Go and see a video:
"Ring A Ding Ding"
Go and listen to a LIVE show:
Brakes live on London Calling

You can darn well expect to see this album on EAR FARM's tops of 2005 list when it's posted Thursday.
WAIT, there's MORE (from their newsletter)!

Brakes will get inside more ears and deeper into those who already know that wude sound of theirs. They aim to take thier live show places it's never been before and to return it to places it only began to infect last time. Expect to see them in the following countries; France, Belgium and Holland in January and lots of other far off places later in the year including America. A trip around the European festival circuit is also there to look forward too. On the record front a new single is planned for the new year and album number 2 is being written as you read.

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