03 November 2005

Pox World Empire - (North Carolina bands)

This Salon post turned me onto a band which, in turn, led me to an empire. An empire located in my old backyard/hometownarea.

Pox World Empire is a small, poor, and clever record label based in Durham, North Carolina. It functions as a cooperative artist-development label for and with several Triangle-area bands, such as The Sames, Torch Marauder, Jett Rink, Pleasant, Gerty, Razzle, Tricky the Cosmonaut, and 3.2.3 Contact.
In the mid-nineties, it functioned the same way in Ithaca, NY with such bands as Nothing Doll, Mia Sundown, The Sutras, and Dustjacket.

Because I have a personal connnection to both areas of the country I will now tell you how cool this Pox World Empire is...actually, the music is good and will speak for itself. It's the music that's the cool part. Three bands I found (or one that Salon directed me to and two others) on their site:

listen to their song "Trains and Parades"
visit them on MySpace
see when you can catch them LIVE

The Rosebuds
listen to their song "Governor's Daughter"
see when you can catch them LIVE
(btw, these guys had two songs on the Merge Records compilation Old Enough 2 Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records)

The Sames
listen to their song "Like a Song (Really)" - sounds like Blur meets Arcade Fire...mmmm!
visit them on MySpace