02 November 2005

Buy some of the rights to Britney's song "Everytime"

Why Stereogum's not all over this yet, I dunno.

While it's not generally my style to discuss matters relating to Britney I thought this was worth a look:

Andrian Adams is either selling the future, a great cocktail party story--or maybe a bit of both.

The London-based record producer/manager has taken to eBay to auction off his share of the Britney Spears single "Everytime." By his estimation, it is the first time someone has used the site to sell a copyright interest in a certified hit by an A-list artist.

"I thought this would be a groundbreaking thing to do," Adams said Tuesday.

But more than that, Adams thinks this will make him money.

"Everytime," cowritten by Spears and one of her backup singers, Annette Stamatelatos, appeared on the pop star's 2003 album, In the Zone. During its first two years of recorded life, the single went gold and personally netted Adams $60,000, he claimed, citing a 7 percent ownership in the song. He said he got his cut through Stamatelatos--he was her manager at the time of the song's creation.

continue reading HERE or, just go right ahead and bid on the song HERE...but HURRY, there are only 3.5 hours left