13 November 2005

Schooner @ Lit Lounge - 12 November 2005

Schooner played Lit on Saturday. It was a show I was very much looking forward to and Schooner did not disappoint, but sadly Lit did.

Dear Lit Lounge,
You suck ass. Your sound is two notches below amateur and not having someone to work the door, thus causing an out of town band to miss out on collecting the cash they were due, is beyond inexcusable. I hope you found some way to work this out with the band but I very highly doubt that happened.

Okay, so that is the truth, but enough about crap.
Schooner was really great live. Some of the polish that's on their CD was missing but that was to be expected and not disappointing. In fact it was pretty cool to hear their songs in more pure/raw form and they held up really well for a band that played Raleigh the night before.

To sum it up in an easy to digest package: I picked up their CD after their show (you can buy it at THIS SITE) and I'm listening to it right now and I'll be going to see them on Tuesday in Brooklyn at Black Betty.

Go HERE and listen to some of their songs and then come on out and support them at their next show.