25 November 2005

Die Romantik

Die Romantik has a unique sound. In today's world of music that alone should be reason enough to check them out but allow me to convey my thoughts on this band via personal fantasy.

I have this dream of finding the perfect bar somewhere on the lower east side. You walk in through a plain black door and head down a long hallway which ends in a "T". Two choices: turn right and you end up at another door which leads you back outside on the street but turn left and you head down a long dark staircase and into the bar. In this bar the lights are dim, the walls and accents are dark red, the waitresses are deadly attractive and smoking is still allowed. The clientele would be very much at home as extras in a David Lynch film and are all seated at cocktail tables and there is a small stage for a band at the far end of the bar. The band, well the band would have to be Die Romantik.

Look, maybe we sould just listen:
"Ardor Begot Apathy"
"Portrait of Consumption"

A music video you NEED to see:
"Nachtmusik Fur Linnea"

See them at Knitting Factory on December 2nd with Mancino and Stephen Strohmeier.
UPDATE: This just in from the misters Mancino...
"Die Romantik will be unable to join us as originally billed but fear
not: Stephen Strohmeier will still be on hand and joined by members of
Mancino and Die Romantik."

Die Romantik on MySpace