02 November 2005

Nous Non Plus

Nous Non Plus "is composed of former members of the Paris-by-way-of-New York band, Les Sans Culottes. After numerous years of performing as Les Sans Culottes, the band formed in the summer of 2005 after [this portion of the bio has been removed for legal reasons]. Rather than continue fighting in [this section has also been blacked out], Céline et al decided it was best to fight this fight on the slightly more affordable Boulevard d’Opinion Publique. Justice is blind, the band can tell you this firsthand…"

read more from their official bio HERE or, more importantly, find out why they're so supercool by listening to their music! It's all dance dance hot sexy French indie-pop! Listen!

for that, there are these options:
- listen to samples from their new album HERE
- listen to songs on their MySpace site HERE
- listen to an entire song on Fluxblog HERE

according to their site, sometime in the 1st week of December there'll be a CD release show, details soon.