29 November 2005

The Smiths "Click Track" - unreleased and never heard before!!

Mike Joyce (drummer for The Smiths) "was on BBC Radio 6 (6Music) tonight, and he was plugging the fact he was selling all his rare Smiths stuff on Ebay. As a taster, he played this song, which he called the Click Track, but which Simon Goddard named the Cowbell Track."

Personally I've been waiting a long time to hear this stuff! No further delay:
The Smiths - "Click Track" (unreleased instrumental)

You can see everything that Mike Joyce is selling on EBAY right here!

This news was found (where elese?!) HERE
(picture is of "William, It Was Really Nothing"/"How Soon Is Now?" UK 7" [Rough Trade RT166 lilac reprint])