10 May 2006

Overlooked Albums from the '90s

One final post to put this feature to bed, that's all. See, I didn't give the thing much thought before I jumped right into it. All that was considered was that I knew of a lot of really great albums from the '90s that weren't getting much recognition anywhere else and I needed content for this new music blog I had just started. Therefore, the weekly Overlooked Album feature was born. You'll notice the write-ups evolve from the very first one, to more well thought out writings in the middle, to the point when I finally bought some online disk space to share music and actually settled on a format (more or less) for these weekly posts. I originally set out with no set list and no clue about how long I'd ultimately make the thing. The numbers you see next to each album are not any kind of ranking system but rather the order in which I decided to feature the albums. That's all. Just wanted to play it by ear and come up with a new album each weekend and then end the sucker when it felt like the right time. Last week turned out to be just the right time. What will replace the feature and when? Truth be told, I'm not sure yet (got a few ideas) but it'll be in a few weeks and hopefully it'll give both to you guys and to me, just like the Overlooked Albums From The '90s feature has done. In the meantime, you'll still be getting every thing else same as it ever was.

Below is a short list of other albums I was thinking about including that didn't quite make it into the feature and below that, the final list of EAR FARM's Overlooked Albums From The '90s.

The almosts (in no particular order):

EAR FARM's Overlooked Albums From The '90s:

#1 - Saturnalia by The Wedding Present
#2 - The Inevitable by Squirrel Nut Zippers
#3 - This is Our Music by Galaxie 500
#4 - Dusk by The The
#5 - Fantasma by Cornelius
#6 - New Wave by The Auteurs
#7 - I, Jonathan by Jonathan Richman
#8 - Futureworld by Trans Am
#9 - Harmacy by Sebadoh
#10 - Cure For Pain by Morphine
#11 - God Fodder by Ned's Atomic Dustbin
#12 - Seven by James
#13 - Why Do Birds Sing? by Violent Femmes
#14 - Blank-Wave Arcade by The Faint
#15 - Dog Man Star by Suede
#16 - Beatsongs by The Blue Aeroplanes
#17 - Don't Try This At Home by Billy Bragg
#18 - 1992: The Love Album by Carter USM
#19 - Time Was Gigantic...When We Were Kids by The Durutti Column
#20 - Psalm 69 by Ministry
#21 - The Dirtchamber Sessions, Vol. 1 by The Prodigy
#22 - Going Blank Again by Ride
#23 - Love At Absolute Zero by My Favorite
#24 - Placebo by Placebo
#25 - K by Kula Shaker
#26 - Kill Uncle by Morrissey
#27 - Manhattan Melodies by Eric Reed
#28 - Dare To Be Surprised by Folk Implosion
#29 - Songs and Music From She's the One by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
#30 - Blowout Comb by Digable Planets

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TJ said...

A well done feature, partially because I really had overlooked most of these merited albums, but mostly because of the writing that presented them. Thanks for the introductions.

Anonymous said...

This was a great thing you had going here but it was over when it should've been. Ready for the next one now please.