11 July 2007

Spoon live @ Virgin Megastore - 10 July 2007, live TONIGHT at Rockefeller Park

I saw Spoon last night at Virgin Megastore Union Square - believe it or not it was my first time seeing the band. They were as excellent as I expected. My only complaint was that I'd have liked the overall sound to have been louder, but then it still beat the heck out of most in-store performances I've seen in my time.

The band is set to play the River to River show tonight at Rockefeller Park and then to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman later this evening.

Here's an update about the show tonight, and (of course) a song for your listening pleasure:

The set time for tonight's River to River show at Rockefeller Park has been changed due to weather...

6:15 - Coin Under Tongue (on MySpace)
7:00 - Spoon

(supposedly this is real time, so get there early!)
Spoon - "The Underdog"